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The Energy Efficiency Challenge

National Energy Action
Date: 1998


Educating members of society about the importance of energy efficiency is a vital step in making such practices an accepted part of everyday life. Ensuring that this learning is tailored to different groups is important. Young people are a key target audience, as embedding these messages early in life should have a long-lasting impact.

Key research Question

The Challenge was devised to offer an age-appropriate format for promoting energy awareness among young people. Through a series of activities, crafts and games, the resource is designed to build knowledge about energy production and consumption, as well as the role of energy efficiency in reducing carbon emissions. Successful completion of the Challenge enables those involved to claim an Energy Efficiency Challenge certificate.

Summary of activity

The resource is a toolkit developed in conjunction with the Girl Guides movement. There is a mix of tasks for users to complete, including designing an energy saving logo for a hot water tank, scoring the energy use in the user’s own home, creating an energy map of the world and organising discussions on energy and the environment.


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