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Health and Fuel Poverty – Seminar Proceedings

Date: 2001


Since 1997, EAGA Charitable Trust has funded research on topics related to fuel poverty and health. In 2001 the Trust organised a seminar in London to profile recent and ongoing studies in this area and further promote the importance of engaging with the health sector in order to tackle fuel poverty. This report is a compilation of the proceedings.

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The report provides a list of recent publications on fuel poverty and health. It summarises four presentations given at the seminar covering the following topics: a research project on housing and excess winter deaths; a case study of the health impact of a large-scale retrofit scheme in social housing; a pilot study assessing the health impact of Home Energy Efficiency Scheme measures; and a study of a multi-agency project training health workers to refer vulnerable clients for energy efficiency support.

Each summary describes the findings and conclusions of the research and notes the key issues raised in the subsequent discussions. It also includes notes on the plenary session, which focused on future research priorities and a general analysis of the current situation.


Recommendations are included in each presentation.

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