Rural Fuel Poverty: Hidden Hardships

Date: 2002
Location: Northern Ireland

The issue of rural fuel poverty is an important area of research for EAGA Charitable Trust. In 2001, the Trust and the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) had co-produced a conference on this theme, which was further developed in a position paper by the CSE that outlined an overarching research agenda. However, considerable work remained to be done to understand in detail the character of rural fuel poverty, particularly in different areas of the UK. Ensuring that learning is shared and publicised is also essential.

Paying the Price – Fuel Poverty in Ireland, North and South

Author: Heat and Energy Action Tallaght (HEAT) and National Energy Action (NEA) Northern Ireland
Co-funded by the Combat Poverty Agency
Tallaght Partnership
Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust
Energy Action Grants Agency Trust and Joseph Rowntree Trust
Date: 1996
Location: Northern Ireland

The 1990s saw a growing focus on energy conservation and fuel poverty in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and the introduction of several policies and schemes designed to further both agendas, such as the Irish Energy Centre in the ROI and the Domestic Energy Efficiency Scheme in the UK. While geographically part of the landmass of Ireland, Northern Ireland is territorially within the UK, and its citizens and those in the south are subject to different policies and regulations.


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