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Policy Heterogeneity in Fuel Poverty Alleviation: A Comparative Analysis of Germany and the United Kingdom

Author: Andreas Schneller
London School of Economics and Political Science
Date: 2015
Location: UK

Fuel poverty is recognised by researchers as a major challenge for European citizens and their governments. However, individual countries have given the topic different levels of recognition, priority and resources on both an academic and a policy level. Comparisons between countries have been rare in the literature to date and may offer a valuable perspective.

Qualifying and Quantifying Fuel Poverty across the European Union Using Consensual Indicators

Author: Harriet Thomson
Date: 2011
Location: Europe

The rise of fuel poverty as a policy issue across the EU poses questions about whether a common understanding of the concept exists among Member States and the implications of this for developing future strategies and action. The UK and Ireland are regarded as having a reasonably advanced level of debate, but this is not the case among other nations within the Union. While EU policy on common energy frameworks relating to issues such as climate change and energy markets is fairly advanced, fuel poverty has received much less attention.

Fuel Poverty Carbon Footprint

Author: Jacky Pett
Pett Projects
Date: 2008
Location: England

Local authorities in the UK have been primary actors in targeting households with messages about energy efficiency and coordinating schemes designed to improve domestic energy performance. At the same time, they have often led on implementing programmes to alleviate fuel poverty in their areas.


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