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Domestic Energy Efficiency and Health: Local and National Perspectives

Author: Association for the Conservation of Energy and projects in partnership
Co-funded by Transco
Eaga Ltd
the Energy Saving Trust
the Local Government Association and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Date: 1999
Location: England

There has long been an association between poor housing and adverse health outcomes, which has been increasingly recognised by government.

What Are the Barriers That Prevent Those in Fuel and Water Poverty Accessing Financial Support Mechanisms? (Masters Research Dissertation)

Author: Lauren Probert

The success of programmes aimed at alleviating fuel and water poverty in the UK have been hampered by low levels of uptake. The combined impact of rising energy prices and economic downturn since 2008 has increased the risk of households experiencing both. While parallels can be observed between fuel poverty and water poverty, the issues remain under researched and a comparative analysis has not occurred. As a result, the potential for transferable learning and combined solutions is largely unknown.


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