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This page provides a chronological list of all projects funded by Eaga Charitable Trust. You can also explore projects by theme, location, methodology. A list of postgraduate student projects is also available.


  1. Neighbourhood Energy Action, the Abbeyfield Society (1994) Energy Efficiency Information Pack (Project 1)

  2. Ludmilla Kosmina, Bill Sheldrick (1995) Lilybank – Tackling Fuel Poverty (Project 2)

  3. Lothian, Edinburgh Environmental Partnership (1996) Billsavers - Securing the Savings(Project 3)

  4. Heat and Energy Action Tallaght (Heat), National Energy Action (Nea) Northern Ireland (1996) Paying the Price – Fuel Poverty in Ireland, North and South (Project 4)

  5. National Energy Action (NEA) (1997) Energy Efficiency Advice: Provision by Fuel Suppliers (Project 5)

  6. Sandra Hutton (1997) The Housing and Heating of Low-income Households (Project 6)

  7. Geoffrey Milne, Brenda Boardman (1997) Making Cold Homes Warmer – the Effect of Energy Efficiency Improvements in Low-income Homes (Project 7)

  8. Energy for Sustainable Development Ltd. (1997) Rural Fuel Poverty – a Project in South West Wiltshire to Study Rural Fuel Poverty and Develop Practical Solutions(Project 8)

  9. East Essex Adult Community College (1997) Warmth Without Waste (Project 9)

  10. Melanie Henwood (1997) Fuel Poverty, Energy Efficiency and Health (Project 10)

  11. Brian Harvey (1997) Fuel Poverty in Northern Ireland (Project 11)

  12. National Energy Action (NEA) (1998) Energy Advice Needs of Visually Impaired People(Project 12)

  13. National Energy Action (NEA) (1998) Methods of Paying for Fuel - a Good Practice Guide(Project 13)

  14. William Baker (1998) The Liverpool Fuel Poverty Survey (Project 14)

  15. Chris Revie (1998) The Impact of Fuel Poverty and Housing Conditions on Scotland's Health - a Review of Available Literature (Project 15)

  16. Koren Calder (1998) The Energy Efficiency Challenge (Project 16)

  17. Julia Green, Sarah Darby, Catrin Maby, Brenda Boardman (1998) Advice Into Action – an Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Energy Advice to Low Income Households (Project 17)

  18. Colin Kruger, Mike Summers, Jenny Mant, Ann Childs, Jane McNicholl (1998) Teaching Energy and Energy Efficiency Effectively – Concepts and Practice for Primary and Non-specialist Secondary Teacher Education (Project 18)

  19. James Brown (1998) The Relationship Between Indoor Humidity, Fuel Poverty and Housing Conditions on Exacerbation, Symptoms and Lung Function of Patients With Mild and Moderate Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 19)

  20. Roselle Herring (1998) The Relationship between Indoor Humidity, Fuel Poverty and Housing Conditions on Exacerbation, Symptoms and Lung Function of Patients with Moderate and Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 20)

  21. Nic Hague (1998) The Relationship Between Humidity, Fuel Poverty and Housing Conditions on Exacerbation, Symptoms and Lung Function of Patients With Moderate and Mild Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD) (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 21)

  22. Social Welfare Research Unit (1999) Multiple Debt and Fuel Costs: A Review of the Literature and a Survey of Citizens Advice Bureau Clients. A Report to National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau [north Region]by the Social Welfare Research Unit (Project 22)

  23. William Baker (1999) Gas and Electricity Competition… Who Benefits? (Project 23)

  24. Chris Revie (1999) Fuel Poverty and Health in Paisley (Project 24)

  25. Catrin Maby (1999) Fuel for Numbers (Project 25)

  26. Catrin Maby (1999) Fuel for Words (Project 26)

  27. Roger Critchley (1999) Cold Homes and Health (Project 27)

  28. Association for the Conservation of Energy and Projects in Partnership (1999) Domestic Energy Efficiency and Health: Local and National Perspectives (Project 28)

  29. National Energy Services Ltd (1999) The Development of the Affordable Warmth Index (Project 29)

  30. Margaret Somerville, Ian F Mackenzie, Pat Owen, Emma Sturtevant, James Bolt (2000) Housing and Health - the Cornwall Intervention Study (Project 30)


  1. Roger Critchley, Rob Howard, Tadj Oreszczyn (2000) The Nottingham Energy Health and Housing Study. A Demonstration Project to Reduce Humidities, House Dust Mites and Asthma (Project 31)

  2. Janet Rudge (2001) Developing a Methodology to Evaluate the Outcome of Investment in Affordable Warmth (Project 32)

  3. Various (2002) Warm Justice: Sustainable Solutions to Fuel Poverty (Project 33)

  4. William Baker (2002) Rural Fuel Poverty – Defining a Research Agenda (Project 34)

  5. Western Regional Energy Agency & Network (WREAN) (2002) Rural Fuel Poverty: Hidden Hardships - Conference Proceedings (Project 35)

  6. Sarah Sullivan, Margaret Somerville, Mike Hyland, Andy Barton (2003) The Riviera Housing and Health Survey (Project 36)

  7. Impetus Consulting and the Association for the Conservation of Energy (2003) A Review of English Local Authority Fuel Poverty Reports and Strategies (Project 37)

  8. National Energy Action (NEA) and Five English Local Authorities (2003) Tackling Fuel Poverty - a Beacon Council Toolkit for Local Authorities (Project 38)

  9. Tom Sefton (2004) Aiming High – an Evaluation of the Potential Contribution of Warm Front Towards Meeting the Government’s Fuel Poverty Target in England (Project 39)

  10. Vivienne Press (2003) Fuel Poverty and health: a Guide for Primary Care Organisations, and Public Health and Primary Care Professionals (Project 40)

  11. Meryl Basham, Andy Barton, Steve Shaw (2004) Central Heating: Uncovering the Impact on Social Relationships and Household Management (Project 41)

  12. Jacky Pett (2004) Affordable Warmth in ‘Hard to Heat’ Homes: a Progress Report (Project 42)

  13. Trevor Davison (2004) Tackling the Health Implications of Cold and Damp Housing in Scotland (Project 43)

  14. Impetus Consulting (2004) Addressing Fuel Poverty Through Community Planning - a Toolkit: Developing Effective Community Participation and Partnerships (Project 44)

  15. Linda Lennard (2004) Literacy, Numeracy and Social Exclusion: Links to Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency (Project 45)

  16. Helen Beck, Liz Richardson, Tom Sefton (2004) Links Between Fuel Poverty Basic Skills and Access Deprivation (Project 46)


  1. James Goodwin, Tracey Howe, Steven Fenby (2005) Seasonal Cold, Thermal Behaviour and Temperature Distributions in the Homes of Older People (Project 48)

  2. Jacky Pett (2005) The Challenge for Affordable Warmth in Hard to Heat Homes (Project 49)

  3. Bill Wilkinson (2006) Sap Targets and Affordability In Social Housing (Project 50)

  4. Helen Beck, Liz Richardson, Tom Sefton (2005) Setting a Research Agenda: Fuel Poverty, Communication and Access (Project 51)

  5. William Baker (2006) The Fuel Poverty Indicator - Predicting Fuel Poverty at the Local Level (Project 52)

  6. Liesl Osman, Jon G Ayres, Carole Garden, Karen Reglitz, Anne Ludbrook (2007) the Effect of the Affordable Warmth Programme on Internal Environmental Variables and Respiratory Health in a Vulnerable Group: a Randomised Trial (Project 53)

  7. Bill Wilkinson (2007) Energy Ratings and Affordability in Social Housing in Scotland and Northern Ireland (Project 54)

  8. Olubusola Olatoregun (2007) Energy Poverty in Urban Africa – a Case Study of the Energy Needs of Urban Poor in Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 55)

  9. Matt Barnes, Sarah Butt, Wojtek Tomaszewski (2008) The Dynamics of Bad Housing on the Living Standards of Children – Evidence From the Families and Children Study (FACS) (Project 56)

  10. Ian Preston, Richard Moore, Pedro Guertler (2008) How Much? - the Cost of Alleviating Fuel Poverty (Project 57)

  11. Leeds Animation Workshop (2008) Leeds Animation Workshop Project: Everyone Can Save Energy (Project 58)

  12. Amanda Palmer (2008) Evaluating and Improving Energy Efficiency Grant Leaflet Information for the Elderly Fuel-poor (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 59)

  13. Jacky Pett (2008) Fuel Poverty Carbon Footprint (Project 60)

  14. Nicholas Heath (2008) Energy Heritage – A Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency in Traditional and Historic Homes (Project 61)

  15. Lyn Dodds (2008) Tackling Barriers to Take-up of Fuel Poverty Alleviation Measures (Project 62)

  16. Guy Palmer, Tom MacInnes, Peter Kenway (2008) Cold and Poor: an Analysis of the Link Between Fuel Poverty and Low Income (Project 63)

  17. Angus Anderson, Liz Anderson, Arthur Probert (2009) Changing Attitudes Towards the Cold: Research Into the Attitudes of Older People Towards the Cold (Project 64)

  18. William Baker (2008) Quantifying and Classifying Rural Fuel Poverty (Project 65)

  19. Kazi Hossain (2009) Fuel Poverty and the New Local Authority Performance Framework: an Examination of the Impact of NI187 on Fuel Poverty Alleviation in London (Project 66)

  20. Changeworks (2009) Renewable Heritage - a Guide to Microgeneration in Traditional and Historic Homes(Project 67)

  21. Jenny Harris, Sally Mcmanus, Tadj Oreszczyn, Rachel Jenkins, Howard Meltzer (2010) the Fuel Poverty Subsidiary Study (FPSS) Health, Mental Health and Housing Conditions in England (Project 68)\


  1. Liam Purcell, Sharon Gollan Associates (2010) The Community Financial Inclusion Project (Project 69)

  2. Ian Preston, Vicki White, Pedro Guertler (2010) Distributional Impacts of Uk Climate Change Policies (Project 70)

  3. Robert Saunders (2010) Can Feed in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives help fuel poverty and inequality in the UK, and if so, how?(Masters Research Dissertation) (Project 71)

  4. Lauren Probert (2010) What Are the Barriers That Prevent Those in Fuel and Water Poverty Accessing Financial Support Mechanisms?(Masters Research Dissertation) (Project 72)

  5. Norwich City Council, National Energy Action (NEA) (2010) ‘Warm for Life’ - an Investigation Into the Effectiveness of the Winter Fuel Payment System as a Means of Tackling Fuel Poverty and the Delivery of an ‘invest-to-save’ Winter Fuel Payments Pilot Project (Project 73)

  6. Harriet Thomson (2011) Qualifying and Quantifying Fuel Poverty Across the European Union Using Consensual Indicators (Masters of Research Dissertation) (Project 74)

  7. Will Anderson, Vicki White, Andrea Finney (2010) Fuel Poverty Perspectives: “You Just Have to Get By” - Coping With Low Incomes and Cold Homes (Project 75)

  8. Fin O Flaherty, James Pinder (2011) The role of microgeneration technologies in alleviating fuel poverty (Project 76)

  9. Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) (2011) Costs of the Eco: the Impact on Low Income Households (Project 77)

  10. Mike George, Cosmo Graham, Linda Lennard (2011) Too Many Hurdles: Information and Advice Barriers in the Energy Market (Project 78)

  11. Impetus Consulting and National Energy Action (2011) Tackling Fuel Poverty in the Private Rented Sector Using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) (Project 79)

  12. Blooming Green and Impetus Consulting (2011) Our Warm Community - a Report on Tackling Fuel Poverty Through a Holistic, Community Approach, Focusing on Small Social Housing Providers (Project 80)

  13. Various (2001) Health and Fuel Poverty - Seminar Proceedings (Project 81)

  14. Nick Banks, Vicki White (2012) Evaluation of Solid Wall Insulation in Fuel Poor Households in the Private Sector (Project 82)

  15. Joanne Wade, Emma Jones (2012) Local Councils and the Green Deal - Can Parish, Town and Community Councils Increase the Equity of Green Deal Implementation? (Project 83)

  16. Ivan Delev (2012) Fuel Poverty and the Re-emergence of Wood as a Sustainable Source of Energy in Fife, Scotland and Beyond (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 84)

  17. Susan Dodd (2012) Ideological Alleviants: a Comparative Analysis of Fuel Poverty Policy (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 85)

  18. Centre for Sustainable Energy (2012) Housing Energy and Fuel Poverty Assessment Tool (HEAT) (Project 86)

  19. Trevor Houghton, Hugh Bown (2012) Too Big to Be Warm: Fuel Poverty and Under-occupation in Private Homes (Project 87)

  20. Jane Pettingell (2013) Generate Opportunities: Winter Warmer Project (Project 88)

  21. Mike George, Cosmo Graham, Linda Lennard (2013) The Energy Penalty: Disability and Fuel Poverty (Project 89)

  22. Carolyn Snell, Mark Bevan, Harriet Thomson (2013) Fuel Poverty and Disabled People: the Impact of Policy Change (Project 90)

  23. Stirling Howieson, Gillian R. Wright, Charles McSharry, Alex D. McMahon, Rekha Chaudhuri (2013) Effect of Improved Home Ventilation on Asthma Control and House Dust Mite Allergen Levels (Project 91)

  24. Ian Preston, Nick Banks, Emma Sturtevant (2013) Fuel Poverty Social Impact Bonds: Their Potential Role and Associated Challenges(Project 92)

  25. Harriet Thomson, Carolyn Snell (2014) European Fuel Poverty Measurement – a Pilot Study (Western Europe) (Project 93)

  26. Changeworks (2014) Using Solar PV to Tackle Fuel Poverty (Project 94)

  27. Sarah Royston, Sam Royston, Pedro Guertler (2014) Reaching Fuel Poor Families: Informing New Approaches to Promoting Take-up of Fuel Poverty Assistance Among Families With Children (Project 95)

  28. Tom Robinson (2014) Development of Hemp-clay Composites to Be Used in an Innovative Internal Lining Panel With Specific Investigation Into the Effect of Fine Hemp Shiv on Hygrothermal Performance (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 96)

  29. Karen Smith (2014) Fuel Poverty and Energy Behaviours: Does a Post-boiler Upgrade Intervention Increase Energy Efficiency? (Master's Research Dissertation) (Project 97)

  30. Jenni Viitanen, David Weatherall (2014) Housing in Multiple Occupancy: Energy Issues and Policy (Project 98)


  1. Tessa Clark (2015) Identifying the Fair Share: Research Into Social Landlords’ Experiences of District Heating (Project 99)

  2. Andreas Scheller (2015) Policy Heterogeneity in Fuel Poverty Alleviation: a Comparative Analysis of Germany and the United Kingdom(Masters Research Dissertation) (Project 100)

  3. Danielle Butler (2015) An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Perceptions, Attitudes and Experiences of Energy Vulnerability Among Urban Young Adults(Masters Research Dissertation) (Project 101)

  4. Keith Baker, Ron Mould, Scott Restrick (2016) the Spéird Project: Understanding Influences on Fuel Poverty in Rural and Island Scotland (Project 102)

  5. Nicky Hodges, Simon Roberts, Karen Smith, Toby Bridgeman, Nick Banks (2016) Smart Prepayment & Fuel Poverty (Project 103)

  6. Jane Kelly (2016) Investigating a New Way of Delivery Energy to Tackle Fuel Poverty Using Case Studies in Wales and Scotland (Masters Research Dissertation) (Project 104)

  7. Katherine Shadwell (2016) How Local Authorities Are Responding to the Nice (2016) Quality Standards Regarding a Single-point-of-contact Approach to Tackling Fuel Poverty - a Case Study of Portsmouth City Council (Master's Research Dissertation)

  8. Aimee Ambrose, Lindsey McCarthy, James Pinder (2016) Energy (in) Efficiency: What Tenants Expect and Endure in Private Rented Housing (Project 106)

  9. Jennifer Hannam, Tim Jones (2017) Low Carbon Heat and Rural Fuel Poverty: Lessons From Across Europe (Project 107)

  10. Sarah Fletcher, Liz Warren (2017) ‘The Health of the Nation’: Analysis of Cost Effectiveness and Success Factors in Health-related Fuel Poverty Schemes (Project 108)

  11. Richard Moore, Bill Wilkinson, Kevin Jobson (2017) An Assessment Tool for Low Income/high Costs (LIHC) Fuel Poverty (Three Stage Project) (Project 109)

  12. National Union of Students (NUS) (2018) Homes Fit for Study - Research Into Student Experiences of Energy in the Private Rented Sector (Project 110)

  13. Raúl Castaño De La Rosa (2018) Identification of Vulnerable Homes From the Fuel Poverty Concept. Indicator and Assessment Model (PhD Thesis) (Project 111)

  14. Ben Wheeler, Dr Richard Sharpe (2018) Modelling the Impact of Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency on Health (Project 112)

  15. Jodie Bradley, Melanie Chapman, Chris Damm, Vicky Farnsworth, Annie Ferguson, Jan Gilbertson, Alison Owen, Bernard Stafford, Beth Taylor, Angela Tod, Dan Wolstenholme (2018) Being Warm – Being Happy: Understanding Disability Fuel Poverty and Energy Vulnerability for Adults with a Learning Difficulty

  16. Helen Melone (2019) Gender-based Perspectives of Fuel Poverty in Scotland (Project 114)

  17. Danielle Butler (2019) Exploring energy advice and support in remote and rural areas (Project 115)

  18. Graeme Sherriff, Philip Brown and Danielle Butler (2019) Directions for Fuel Poverty Research: A Delphi Study (Project 116)


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