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Investigating a New Way of Delivering Energy to Tackle Fuel Poverty Using Case Studies in Wales and Scotland

Author: Jane Kelly
Bangor University
Date: 2016
Location: Wales

Community energy projects offer significant potential for individual households to access cheaper locally generated and renewable sources of power. There are ostensible benefits with regard to both fuel poverty and environmental sustainability. 

The motives for joining or avoiding such schemes, however, are not well understood. If these factors are better known, scheme designers and managers can seek to include measures to boost membership and address reasons for non-participation. 

SAP Targets and Affordability in Social Housing

Author: Bill Wilkinson
Energy Audit Company
Date: 2006
Location: England

The introduction of legal requirements and regulations associated with Decent Homes, fuel poverty, Warm Homes and energy conservation has created a clear demand for effective ways to measure the energy efficiency of domestic properties. Since the 1990s, the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) has offered a way to estimate the energy performance of a property.


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