Identification of Vulnerable Homes from the Fuel Poverty Concept. Indicator and Assessment Model

Author: Raúl Castaño de la Rosa
Department of Building Construction II
University of Seville
Date: 2018
Location: England

Effectively targeting fuel poverty requires a good understanding of levels of vulnerability and how they are constituted by poor-quality housing and economic circumstances. The main objective of this research was to develop a novel tool to assess and identify those vulnerable groups that are not recognised as fuel poor according to current fuel poverty indicators. 

How Much? The Cost of Alleviating Fuel Poverty

Author: Ian Preston
Centre for Sustainable Energy
Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE).
Date: 2008
Location: UK

Tackling fuel poverty requires significant capital investment, but it is also important to ensure that measures are directed at those who most need them in order to optimise the outcomes with regard to policy objectives. Understanding whether current delivery mechanisms are adequately funded and are effectively targeting fuel poor households is essential, not least because legal commitments exist to eliminate fuel poverty.


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