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Green Futures Supplement – Warm Justice

Author: Various
Green Futures
Date: 2002
Location: UK

Green Futures is a bimonthly magazine with news and debate on how the UK can make the transition to sustainability. This grant is for the production of a special supplement to Green Futures on fuel poverty, energy efficiency and health. Drawing on the experience of leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, this supplement will help make the case for a more positive, creative approach to achieving a sustainable energy future in the UK and bringing people out of energy-related poverty. 

Health and Fuel Poverty – Seminar Proceedings

Author: Various
Date: 2001

Since 1997, EAGA Charitable Trust has funded research on topics related to fuel poverty and health. In 2001 the Trust organised a seminar in London to profile recent and ongoing studies in this area and further promote the importance of engaging with the health sector in order to tackle fuel poverty. This report is a compilation of the proceedings.


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